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Edward Said and his sister Rosemarie in traditional Palestinian dress, Palestine, 1940



According to Stop Patriarchy, Mark Ruffalo sent a speech to be read at an abortion rights rally this weekend in Mississippi in which he expressed his frustration with the state legislature’s ongoing attempts to close every last women’s health centers that offer abortion services.

The Clarion-Ledger reports that over 100 supporters gathered at the Jackson Women’s Health Organization, and listened to a personal account of Ruffalo’s about the issue of abortion rights, in which he mentioned his mother’s struggle to obtain an abortion when she was young:

I am a man. I could say this has nothing to do with me. Except I have two daughters and I have a mother who was forced to illegally have an abortion in her state where abortion was illegal when she was a very young woman. It cost $600 cash. It was a traumatizing thing for her. It was shameful and sleazy and demeaning. When I heard the story I was aghast by the lowliness of a society that would make a woman do that. I could not understand its lack of humanity; today is no different.

Ruffalo reportedly referenced the United States as it existed pre-Roe v. Wade as “relic of an America that was not free nor equal nor very kind”, saying that it “we have worked long and hard to leave behind” that time:

My own mother fought to make herself more than a possession; she lived her life as a mother who chose when she would have children, and a wife who could earn a living if she so chose. I want my daughters to enjoy that same choice. I don’t want to turn back the hands of time to when women shuttled across state lines in the thick of night to resolve an unwanted pregnancy, in a cheap hotel room just south of the state line. Where a transaction of $600 cash becomes the worth of a young woman’s life. So that is why I am lending my voice to you and your movement today. Because I actually trust the women I know. I trust them with their choices, I trust them with their bodies and I trust them with their children.

Ruffalo has been politically active before; he’s a vocal opponent of fracking. And while his characterization of the impact of Roe v. Wade as a “law of the land for decades” is slightly historically inaccurate – anti-choice supporters have been chipping away at Roe v. Wade since that Supreme Court ruling came down – his decision to discuss abortion via women who have actually gone through it is a welcome relief from all the men talking about how they know thetruth about the experience.

(via Mark Ruffalo Sends an Awesome Pro-Choice Message in Mississippi)

Because I actually trust the women I know. I trust them with their choices, I trust them with their bodies and I trust them with their children.

And he spoke up on Gaza and Detroit. All around stand up guy





Today was an exceptional day. 



Take a look at it from the front. 

cracker sphinx needs to be destroyed

as does every other element of this fucking movie

I stg, I pity the Black actors who got roped into secondary (tertiary?) roles

just….fuck man





Today was an exceptional day. 



White supremacy in action.

Ugly Sphinx.















Nicki Minaj speaking the truth on twitter about racism (7/23/14)

Gimmie a break. Everyone can succeed if they work hard.

u would say that because your white

How did I know you would say that. Nikki is black and she makes more than me. #icomeinpeace

I see that went right over your head…Nicki’s post had nothing to do with money but it had all to do with the music industry today

what I’m saying, If I must address the rap world and the so call “beef” between iggy and nicki. Nicki Minaj has worked her ass off to make a name for herself in the industry, not only as a rapper but as a pop star too. She had songs like super bass and starships but also gave iconic verses like the monster feature, just to show people that she can survive in both lanes.

Not to mention that she also had 3 memorable mixtapes to back up her hip-hop credentials and now has to sit and watch as a mediocre rapper like iggy get praised as the new rap queen off of a few catchy choruses and plus the fact that she is white. I don’t know about you but I would be pissed if I didn’t get the credit I deserved too.

Iggy was born in Australia and grew up on a farm, dropped out of high school, moved to the U.S. when she was 16 and met a guy that was in his 20s that eventually hooked her up with modeling agencies. Dude was basically her sugar daddy because he paid for her first apartment and all her expenses. She comes out with a couple of mixtapes and an EP that non of which are critically acclaimed. Drops some singles from her album like Work, Change Your Life, and Bounce (non of which cracked the top 50 on billboard).

So then she releases Fancy, now Clear Channel (which owns 840 radio stations in the US) has a voting system that saves artist if their songs aren’t doing so well on the charts, it’s called the “on the verge” program. They voted to add Iggy’s song Fancy to every station and that song must get 150 spins from each one. (that’s how u hear the same song 4-5 times in one hour)

That made Iggy’s song get stuck in people’s heads so they eventually bought it and that’s how iggy became a huge star. Not by hard work, not by rap skills, not by good songs but by people feeling pity on her flopping singles so they had to save her career. Iggy is not seen as a rapper, she is in the same category as Pitbull, flo-rida and Macklemore, they all will have top tens and possibly #1s but are never looked at as great rappers.

Iggy has been putting out mediocre music that is catchy to garner the attention of the pop/mainstream world but has yet to release anything that makes her a great lyricist/rapper. Iggy’s complexion and body has gotten her more attention than her music. Now u can say that nicki uses her body to for attention too but she captures ur attention with her body and u stay captivated by her metaphors, flow, versatility, and the lyrics of her songs.

( notice how I didn’t mention Iggy’s fake accent when she raps or her horrendous album sales compared to Nicki’s first album… but that’s none of my business🐸☕️)

PS: If u don’t mind, when u address the queen her name is spelled N I C K I not Nikki. thanks

I forgot I responded like this lol… I was definitely in my feelings


Damn. I learned something new.

Tell these privileged basics, Queen Nick !!!


Best retaliation, tbh. There’s no way to refute anything you said.

FUCK. You went in. True though..

Went in for da kill

Why would Nicki say that if she believed for a second hard work was enough for a Black woman? Please yo.


get out your VCR’s it’s time to watch The Prince of Egypt. or you can watch it here.

please don’t watch exodus: gods and kings because it’s icky and racist. you deserve better. you deserve the prince of egypt.

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but they kept the servents black alright this is one of the ugliest things i’ve ever seen in my life


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Surya Bonaly

 is famous for her backflip landed on only one blade; she is considered the only skater in the world capable of this move

Why am I just now hearing about her??????

Because you’re young. She retired from amateur competition after the ‘98 Nagano Olympics and never medalled at the Olympics in her career, but she did win gold at Europeans a bunch of times and silvered at Worlds a few times.

The main thing to understand about Surya Bonaly’s career as a skater is that figure skating is racist as fuck and she never fit the image of a skater, to judges or to commentators. Race and colorism were a huge fucking factor in how she was evaluated and discussed—she’s French, born in Nice, but her (white) adoptive parents lied and said she was born off Madagascar and abandoned by her birth parents to make her seem more ~exotic~, to give you an idea.

Commentators were especially horrid to her and loved to praise her for her “athletic” style but would always criticize her for not being ~artistic~ enough and she always got dinged on artistic presentation. She would always do well in the short program on technical marks and then the long program would be her achilles heel because of how heavily artistic presentation was weighted. (For the younger among you, this is pre-SLC so this is when the old judging system was still being used.) 

More proof of how fucked skating is: Surya is also the only woman to my knowledge to ever land a quad toe loop in competition or even attempt one and to this day they don’t want to credit her with actually landing it, because all four rotations were not completed in air. Granted, there is a fair case to be made that it was only a triple, but don’t doubt that race played a role in that. They hated on this woman from the minute she got on the ice.

And yes, she landed that famous backflip on one blade at the 98 Olympics in her long program as one last FU to the system that had been fucking her for her whole career. Which is the real reason you should know who she is, tbh. Never was there a badder bitch on ice.

I remember when my mother threw her slipper at a television when Surya was receiving her marks in 1994 at Lillehammer.

Why yes. I will reblog Surya Bonaly.

And it’s not just youth, either. I was following figure skating pretty closely in the 1990s and my wife and I still have these moments like, “What was her name…that skater from France with the backflip…” “OH! I know exactly who you’re talking about, but I can’t remember…was it…” “Did it start with an S, maybe?”

But she was awesome. Now, I certainly agree with the above poster on the “figure skating is racist as fuck” thing, but that’s far from the only way in which the fuckedness of Olympic figure skating manifested itself in the 90s. In addition to not being able to get over Surya’s African descent, there was this rigid adherence to a particular feminine ideal of body type and style that was a disadvantage to any woman whose self-presentation was ‘too’ athletic and insufficiently pretty. You could get away with that if you were Katarina Witt and you sexed up the judges just as hard as you could the whole time you were out there, but otherwise, they had a real preference for slender and willowy. Same aesthetic that governs ballet, and whose psychotic enforcement by the men in charge makes the film _Black Swan_ so unbelievably painful that I could barely get through it.

Then there’s the ways in which my favorite pairs team, Shen and Zhao, got penalized by European and American judges over and over again for their programs not conforming to Western ideas of romance. They were so wedded to the heterosexual romance narrative as the template for evaluating these routines. I’d be listening to them talk about how they don’t have enough ‘artistic expression’ and yelling at the TV, “Did you fucking SEE that throw jump? Forget ‘romance.’ THEY CAN FLY!”

Sorry. I guess my feels about this are still strong within me.

Just want to point out that privileging a specific body type (slender and willowy) can also be racist. Black (and Latina & Native) female bodies are REGULARLY and ROUTINELY attacked for being too sexual or too masculine (or too fat, see criticisms of the Williams Sisters & Taylor Townsend in the predominantly white world of tennis, frex). There are a handful of sports that are still coded incredibly white (and wealthy), and figure skating is one of them (along with tennis, ballet, and dressage). So bodies perceived as non-white or not-white-enough get dinged for being “wrong”— for being too sexy, too muscled, too square, too squat, too whatever— and that is used as an excuse to score the performer lower. Wrong body. Wrong artistry. Wrong.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to imply that the body ideal thing is separable from racism, but I can see how from that comment it looks like I did. I guess my point was that this demand to conform to that body ideal impacts everyone in the sport, though I am sure it was and remains a much bigger problem for skaters who aren’t white. In fact, as I think about it, the only other ladies’ figure skater of African descent that I can remember hitting the big time was Debi Thomas; and she took a lot of crap about her ‘style’ too.

Since I don’t follow figure skating any more I have no idea whether it’s different now, but my guess is no. 

I wasn’t trying to CORRECT you or anything, I just think it’s a thing that (white) people OFTEN over look, to the point where you have an elite athlete like Taylor Townsend castigated for “being fat” when she’s an incredibly active well-muscled person. The Williams sisters both got this, in addition to having people mock their bodies by, like, sticking cushions under their pants to “dress up” as them. You know? CF also Nicki Minaj getting shit for her cover of “Anaconda” while similar images grace the cover of Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition with no shocked outcry.

The Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution abolished slavery and involuntary servitude, except as punishment for a crime.

except as punishment for a crime.

except as punishment for a crime.

except as punishment for a crime.

except as punishment for a crime.

except as punishment for a crime.

except as punishment for a crime.

except as punishment for a crime.

except as punishment for a crime.

except as punishment for a crime.

except as punishment for a crime.

except as punishment for a crime.

except as punishment for a crime.

except as punishment for a crime.

except as punishment for a crime.

except as punishment for a crime.

except as punishment for a crime.

except as punishment for a crime.

except as punishment for a crime.

except as punishment for a crime.

except as punishment for a crime.

except as punishment for a crime.

except as punishment for a crime.

except as punishment for a crime.

except as punishment for a crime.

except as punishment for a crime.

except as punishment for a crime.

except as punishment for a crime.

except as punishment for a crime.

Think about who’s in jail and why. 

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and that “crime” could be anything they felt like charging you with

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This was how the myth of Black criminality started, for the record. After the abolition of slavery, a lot of states made laws targeting Black people specifically, and then put them on chain gangs to get free labor from them.

Oh, and the US is still disproportionately incarcerating Black people and private prisons are making huge amounts off them.

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This is one of those pieces of information I wish had like 200 million notes on tumblr.

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meanwhile the dea teamed up with the cca

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Yeah, I believe that black people are twice as likely to be arrested and convicted for committing the same crimes as a white person. Draw your own conclusions.

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Reblogging this because everytime in real life I’ve said Slavery didn’t really end I’ve been dismissed as crazy.

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I’ll reblog this every time it comes up on my dash. People need to know!

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All of this.

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So don’t tell me to get over slavery or say that was in the past when black and latinos are locked up… alarming numbers…..

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Sorry Beyoncé, Rosie the Riveter is no feminist icon. Here’s why | Rebecca Winson | Comment is free |


guess what, being in the middle of mourning—i realized more forcefully than ever that i don’t think beyonce is an iconic DIVA (ala billie holiday, aretha franklin, etta james)—I’ve been listening to billie holiday on repeat because she gives voice to what is in my heart right now in a way no words can. and i don’t think beyonce is capable of that.

HOWEVER. i saw that image when it first was posted—and I KNEW. I KNEW WITH EVERY SPIDER SENSE IN ME. that the image would inspire and ENTIRE BRIGADE of feminists declaring (yet again) beyonce no feminist even as ENDLESS FREAKING FEMINISTS have used that *exact* image as feminist imagery. half of my damn graduating class of women’s studies students posed as rosie, created images of rosie, had rosie tattooed on their fucking bodies somewhere, etc. women’s studies departments across the US have rosie imagery on their websites, on their department walls or on fucking syllabi. rosie is COMMONLY UNDERSTOOD AS A FEMINIST MEDIA ICON—even as several original rosies died in michigan, forgotten and neglected by all fucking feminist departments that could’ve rallied around them to help them economically.

in fact, recently “rosie the riveters” were a part of saving an iconic factory plant in willow run—they used the spectacle of “setting a world record” of numbers of rosies to fundraise and save the plant. ( Is there something you notice about these women, tho?

soooooo white women dressing up as an icon that FEMINISM. HAS. CLAIMED. throughout the damn world, much less the US—and it can fundraise hundreds of thousands of dollars, it can inspire pride and love and respect for the work of working class women—it can get tattooed on fucking *body parts*—

but a *black* woman dresses up as that same icon, and we suddenly get those same white women who plastered that shit all over their damn bodies and women’s studies websites across the US deciding to do a critical fucking analysis of the image and declaring it not feminist.

first—fuck off you fucking miserable bitches—i may not like beyonce’s music, but guess what, that’s possible to do without being fucking *racist*. cuz that’s what that is called when you make endless amount of money writing about how a black woman is not feminist when she’s doing the same fucking THING that you are.

second—on behalf of my fellow michigander, the original rosie the riveter ( see: Rose Will Monroe) and all the working women in Michigan who went into the factories—fuck off declaring that she (they) was (were) some ignorant mindless drone(s) that just did what she (they) was (were) told and had no autonomy in her (their) decisions or how she (they) chose to be represented (head scarved wet dreams, huh?) or that the women in the factories werent essential to union organizing both during and after WWII (see first and foremost, genora dollinger)

and third, PUUUUHLEEEZE stop pretending like you’re doing working class and working women world wide a favor by suggesting we’d be better off adopting a “worn out underpaid and malnourished” icon in the place of rosie. because really—what that suggests is that the problem you have with a black woman posing as rosie is not that rosie isn’t feminist, but that a black working class woman *can’t be glamorous* and in fact, *shouldn’t be* in her working class-edness (if you will). that if beyonce has dressed in a sharecropper uniform and looked *worn out underpaid and malnourished* (THAT IS: LACKING ANY SORT OF AUTONOMY OR POWER—OR: A POOR WOMAND THAT MUST BE SAVED), only THEN would you find her feminist. and boooy, do I HOPE you see the problem with that.

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Evergreen Health Services/Pride Center of WNY Buffalo, NY.


As a former employee and current patient who has been almost 8 months without healthcare, this place is rife with cissexism, transmisogyny and erasure. I have written in depth about this.

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When minor characters who are also ethnic minorities start talking among themselves in their native tongues, they sometimes take advantage of their invisibility to say things. Sometimes they break the Fourth Wall and start ranting about the movie director. Sometimes, they spout random obscenities or natter about their lousy lunch. It’s all in not-English, so whatever they say doesn’t matter! And the actual translations of their lines can be a secret source of hilarity in films where actors are instructed to use a Gratuitous Foreign Language (GFL) in order to make a scene sound more authentic. When some Native Americans cast in Westerns were told to speak their own language to add some authenticity, these actors took the opportunity to crudely editorialize about their director, which allegedly resulted in Native American audiences (in)explicably cracking up laughing during scenes that were meant to be dramatic.

Minorities can be marginalized in film, but not silenced. (via salon) Via Note-a-bear


i officially lost control of my life and made a giles parody twitter

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israel bombed gaza’s zoo today.  no, hamas wasn’t there.

israel has bombed hospitals.  no, hamas wasn’t there.

israel has bombed schools.  no, hamas wasn’t there.

israel has bombed apartments, homes, and the streets.  israel has bombed the beaches.  israel has put out snipers to shoot at fleeing women and children and men.

israel is an apartheid state.

hamas doesn’t exist in a vaccuum. israel created hamas.  without israeli oppression and occupation and apartheid, there would be no hamas.

wonder woman wouldn’t stand for any of this shit.  you are not right, gal gadot, and israel.  you are not right, and you will not overcome.  you will never overcome.


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